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How an English editing service can ensure perfect translations

Why do I need an English editing service? Because translation is difficult enough as it is and an English editing service will help you achieve the level of quality that you need. For example, if you work in academia and need to publish a piece in a foreign language, you’ll probably need an academic editing service.

After our team translates a document into its target language, we take the time to read through it to ensure there are absolutely no errors.

Here is how we usually approach the editing process in order to obtain the best results and the most success.



Long sentences tend to be confusing. There is also a higher probability of making mistakes when sentences are drawn out more than necessary. We have therefore cultivated the habit of trimming down our sentences to about 20 words or fewer.

Along with the obvious advantage that this brings to ensuring the quality of translation, it also improves text’s readability for the target audience.


Standard word order

Especially when translating into English, we strive to use the standard word order as much as possible. This is not easy, since each language has its own word order, but our team of translators are trained in re-conditioning any given piece so that it fits into the established word order of the target language.

Our translators are able to do this without losing the context, tone and meaning of the original piece.



Whenever possible, we leave humour out of the piece. Over time, we have found out that humour can often only be properly understood within the specific cultural context of the source language. That is why something considered funny in British English could translate into something drab – or even downright offensive – in another language.

To make up for these discrepancies, it’s easier to just use light-hearted language in the translated piece.



Manager. Boss. Supervisor. Team Lead.

These are all synonyms. If used more than once in a piece while referring to the same thing, a reader could get confused.

This is why we embrace uniformity and consistency by choosing one term per concept and sticking with it.

What’s more, choosing a single term also boosts the turnaround time, thus reducing the cost for our client.


Go ‘Active’

The passive voice is less direct and takes longer for the brain to process and understand. In light of this, we prefer to use the active voice as much as possible. Besides, this style choice improves the overall flow of the given piece.

And let’s not forget the many advantages of a piece that is easy to understand!


Read it through one more time

After conducting a thorough review applying all the above techniques, we go through the piece one last time. At this point, the text needs to read and sound as silkily smooth as possible. If it doesn’t, it’s time to look through it again.



All content could use some extra editing. Always. But many writers and translators get to a point where they ask themselves, “Is it really worth reading it again?” A professional English editing service will give you the confidence you need. It will guarantee that your content achieves its specific objective both clearly and eloquently.

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