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Increasing traffic through web content translation

Do you need to increase traffic through web content translation?

Why is web content translation important? Developing amazing content with the aim of generating traffic to your blog or website can be fundamental. The goal might be either to rank on Google SERPs or to increase sales.  It is a common strategy among website owners and bloggers.

But merely crafting contents cannot do all the trick, especially when you are targeting a local market. Consider a US-based company that plans to run a website with the aim of generating contents that will be relevant to a Spanish community. Apart from just creating contents for the Spanish reading audience, they have to take into consideration the kind of translation and the level of professionalism of the translator. Most importantly, the level of understanding of Spanish for the translator.

Agencies that are not optimizing for a local dialect are passing up a big chance at generating much needed traffic to their website. Different problems are encountered when trying to target a local community, but with the help of the strategies listed below, you should be able to find your way around it.

When content translation is properly managed, it can be great tool to draw more traffic and potentially more clients.


Start small

Going all-in when starting a business is the biggest mistake you should avoid. When it comes to translation, the process of translating a small website could be overwhelming to say the least. Therefore, trying to translate a full website all at once is very risky.

You should start by translating the most critical part of your website then move on from there. Let’s consider the US Company, interested in a Spanish community. So, instead of trying to translate all the content of their website, they can start by translating for the website for their Spanish audience. This way they can build on the result and extend the translation to other locations.

Let’s suppose you don’t know which parts of the website are critical for translation. You can use the Google Analytics record and take a look at the behavior flow tab. This gives you an insight into what your visitors are frequently looking at on your site.


Find out where your traffic comes from

It is crucial that you know where the bulk of your traffic is coming from. To do this you need to make a beeline for Google Analytics. Country of origin doesn’t generally associate with spoken dialect. An English person could be conversant with Spanish and also prefer to use the English version. So regardless of finding out that your traffic is mostly from English speaking countries, you should improve your pages for numerous languages.

Local SEO

This is the most important part of any translation, improving your content for SEO ranking cannot be overemphasized but you don’t have to do everything at a go. You can use a sub-domain and you will also require keyword methodology for the new language you are translating to.


Other strategies

There are other strategies you can employ but the once mentioned above to set you on the right part to an effective content translation for your website. Getting website traffic from foreign markets could take quite some time and a good level of work.  You need to take it one step at a time and be sure to get your desired end-product.

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