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How to find translation companies in Barcelona

How to find translation companies in Barcelona

If you’re looking for translation companies in Barcelona, look no further. We can´t think why you’d go anywhere other than… But if you do, there are so many translation companies in Barcelona you’ll probably have a problem choosing.

On the up side, too many translation agencies means customers are spoilt for choice. They can shop around as much as they want until they find a service provider that meets all their requirements.

On the flip side, it means you might spend several hours selecting the best provider for you. Time you could have channelled into other productive endeavours.

So how can find translation companies in Barcelona which fit the bill?


Search on Google

Probably the first place to look for when searching for translation companies in Barcelona. A quick Google search will throw up thousands of suggestions. Searching for phrases like “translation agencies in Barcelona” returns plenty of results.

The cool thing about using Google is that not only do you get links to agency websites to visit. You also see their phone number, office open hours and directions to their offices should you decide to visit them.

You can restrict your search to “only agencies with reviews”, for example. Read feedback from previous clients to get an idea of the quality of service you’d get when you hire them for your project. But bear in mind that plenty of reviews these days are fake.


Use review sites and local business directories

Review sites are another handy resource you can utilize to find suitable translation companies in Barcelona. Search for yelp alternatives websites in Barcelona to learn about how customers feel about translation companies in the city.

Also, you can visit local business directories online such as Barcelona yellow pages, and to see listings of translation agencies in Barcelona.


Go on Social media

Considering that almost everyone and business is on social media, the platforms offer a quick way to connect with translation agencies in Barcelona.

Use the search feature on most social media platforms to pull up translation companies on the website. For example, you can search for “translation companies in Barcelona” on twitter. Scroll through the results to see which one to contact.

Before sending a DM or tweeting the company, be sure to check out their feed to get a sense of what they are about.


Turn to colleagues for referrals

You could also work your contacts and colleagues to see which translation company they use.

Word of mouth is a time-saving way to find agencies to work with, since, you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching and sieving through search results on Google and Social media or reading customer feedback on review sites.

Usually, you trust the opinion of the person you’re reaching out to for recommendation on the translation agency to use; this makes it a lot easier to complete the process of hiring and onboard the translation company to handle your job.

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