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How can I translate company reports?

How can I translate company reports?

How to translate company reports is a question we often get asked. Companies often need to translate their reports from the original language (into French, Italian, English, etc.).

These are the main things you need to consider:

Transmitting an image to investors

Company reports might have to be translated to help convince investors.  Reading the report in their own language will certainly help them understand the report better. Financial results or KPIs, for example, can be boring and difficult to understand. A good translation will help clarify both types of figures.

Also, a top-level report in a single language doesn´t exactly scream out “international”. And these days, everything has to be international…


Translate company reports to inform

Another reason for translating a report for informing an international workforce. French employees would love to read the corporate magazine or latest management report in their own language.

To accurately translate business reports, you can either

  • use a translation company with an online service, or
  • contact an individual translator.

For a single document and language, either could give you good results. For more complex needs, we recommend you trust a translation company. Look for the following:



Before hiring a translator, consider first their level of expertise. For highly technical reports you should consider hiring a translator with relevant experience. Beware of translators with little experience!



You don’t want to hire a translator that will compromise your company’s confidential reports, do you? So, before hiring anyone, ask about standard practices around confidentiality.



Make sure you hire a translator willing to review her work as many times as is necessary. They should be prepared to work closely with your team throughout the project. This is important because during a course of any translation, a good translator will ask questions where he/she doesn’t understand.



The customer should be prepared to explain as much as is necessary so that technical terminology is correctly understood, interpreted and translated.

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