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How to translate blog posts

How to translate blog posts

How to translate blog posts is a problem common to most webmasters and community managers. There are two main reasons for blogging:

  • to gain web popularity, and
  • to generate revenue.

Blogging in a specific language will get you traffic (maybe income) from your home country. Doing so in English should get you traffic from anywhere in the world. No problem if your content is just in one language.


Do you want international visitors?

But if you want visitors from Berlin, Malaysia, Venezuela, and so on, you are going to have to translate your entries. So let’s say you’re a German, and your blog contents are written in the German language. How well do you think a Costa Rican visitor to your blog will be able to read and assimilate your content? Not at all! And that’s why you need to introduce a translator into your blog. But do you know how and what tools you can use in achieving this? Not a chance? Here are some options!


Google Translate

By now I’m sure everyone knows about the impeccable Google search engine service, which has somehow captured the browsing experience of 98% of people in the world. However, what some people don’t know is that Google has, in the past years, introduced several tools that aid in making one’s browsing experience cozy, one of which is the google translator. With 100+ languages on the Google Translator, it is an ideal tool that can help readers translate any blog post that is written in a language they don’t understand.


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