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How to translate a Powerpoint presentation

How to translate a Powerpoint presentation

Microsoft Powerpoint is a popular presentation program that is used by businesses and professionals for creating stunning presentations. How to translate a Powerpoint presentation. Although it was originally created to produce business presentations, nowadays, it is used for other purposes as well such as teaching students in universities, schools, or colleges, giving military briefings, undertaking diplomatic negotiations, etc. Sometimes students struggle with presentation writing and they often ask themselves: “Who can do my PowerPoint presentation for me” immediately and effectively?” Luckily, there are experts from WriteMyPaperHub who will take care of such things.

Sometimes, it is necessary to translate a powerpoint file into another language. For example, you may have to explain a powerpoint presentation to a foreign delegate or teach foreign students, etc.

Fortunately, translating powerpoint files is not as difficult as you think. To translate ppt and pptx files, you can use the built-in translation tool present in the powerpoint program, use online translation tools, or hire a translation agency or translator.


Translating powerpoint presentation using built-in translation software

  1. Office 365 or 2019 – Open the presentation file and highlight the text that you want to translate. Then, select Review > Translate. Choose from the list of languages and select Insert to replace the highlighted text with the translated text. You need powerpoint version 1803 or higher to use this feature.
  1. Office 2007-2016 – You can only translate the text present in a single slide at a time. To do that, go to the Review tab and select the Language group. Then, click Translate > Translate Selected Text to open the Research pane.

Next, click Translation in the ALL Reference Books list in the Research pane. After that, you can either type the phrase or word that you want to translate in the Search for box and press enter, or select the words, press ALT and then click the selection to see the translation.


Translating powerpoint presentation using online translation tools

You cannot translate the whole powerpoint file at one go using the built-in translation tool. So, you may want to use an online translation tool to translate the whole powerpoint present as it can help you save a lot of time and effort.


To do that, you just have to visit a website that supports powerpoint translation, upload the presentation file, click translate, and download the translated file. However, using online tools to translate can pose two problems: no security for confidential or sensitive files and format change.


If the ppt or pptx files that you want to translate contain a lot of notes, diagrams, pictures, etc. the text in the text boxes can go out of alignment due to text expansion. It can also happen due to compatibility issues.


Hiring a translator or translation agency to translate powerpoint presentations

When you translate the powerpoint presentation file  using online translation tools or the built-translation tool, you essentially getting raw machine translation. Although machine translations may be suitable for some purposes and help you save some money, it crucial to get the best quality translation possible when you have to convince a foreign client or educate foreign children.



Thus, to achieve the best quality translation possible, you need to hire a translation agency or translator. Human translation is much better than machine translation. It can help you to preserve both the original format and the original idea of the presentation. Also, data security can be managed by letting the translator sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement (CA).

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