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5 Ways to Improve Content Marketing in Education

5 Ways to Improve Content Marketing in Education

What is content marketing, really, and why is it so important in terms of education? Quality content marketing can help strengthen an academic institution’s brand significantly. Right now, it is considered to be one of the most important strategies when it comes to developing an online presence. The frequent use of search engines and social media makes the content marketing world the perfect spot to promote education and reel students in. 

According to the content marketing institute, nine in ten students are estimated to use the internet to find the next study destination or pick their future career path. Knowing this, it is essential to learn the best ways to improve content marketing in education. Here are the top five strategies to make this happen:

  • Websites 

Online presence is a crucial part of the marketing strategy of any educational institution nowadays. When we speak of online presence, we don’t just mean activity on social media. One of the greatest ways to appeal to an audience is to create a website where potential students can find important information. 

  • Blogs

Creating a blog page or a portal gives existing students a chance to develop and stay informed within the university. The more optimized these pages are, the more useful they’ll be in terms of attracting new students and invoking quality, useful conversations with the existing ones. 

Unless you have a content marketing specialist on board, it’s best to allow a professional from a high quality  writing service to boost the blog’s or the website’s appearance and SEO ranking. This should be the place where students go to get news and updates, as well as useful information and advice regarding their education. There is the best decision for the to request – I need service to write a research paper for me – and the research paper will be written promptly. 

  • Testimonials

When prospective students attempt to make the final decision in terms of what type of education they’ll pursue and where, testimonials can be really helpful. Asking current students to share their experience and tips with others and putting this into the content strategy is a great step toward successful marketing. 

The alumni reflections should be implemented directly into the content that is part of the marketing strategy, including the website or blog, as well as the social media channels, if any. You can leverage this particular section to present your main selling points and appeal to current students, potential students, and even their parents. 

  • Infographics

Infographics have grown quite a lot in popularity in the past decade. According to a research by Google Trends, infographics enjoy an increase of popularity that’s grown by 800% by 2010 and 2012 alone. The love for the visual makes these a great tool for attracting an audience and building a brand. With the help of infographics, you can provide the crucial industry and career statistics, as well as help the admission team boost the number of enrollments. 

Not sure how to use infographics? There are plenty of ideas for use of infographics as a type of marketing content for educational institutions. Firstly, institutions can use infographics to show their rankings, therefore summarizing their main selling points and highlighting the position of the institution in world rankings. Secondly, they can showcase the outcome of alumni, a very important selling point when it comes to attracting more students to enroll. 

You can create an infographic that lists the jobs the institution’s graduates have managed to land, or the income growth and the salaries potential students can expect thanks to an obtained degree. Employability is a huge factor in terms of recruiting graduates, and both institutions and students understand the importance of such numbers. 

  • Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual reality has become one of the fastest growing trends of today’s technology. Many schools around the world have started using virtual reality to excite their prospects. By giving students more than just a simple image, you’re giving them a chance to feel the atmosphere and experience their future studies at an academic institution. 

That being said, institutions can use virtual reality tours of their campuses, classrooms, and the surrounding area to give students the feel of the place. Many students won’t be able to visit a campus in person, and this will be their chance to really understand the experience offered by the academic institution. 


The bottom line

There are plenty of ways to implement marketing techniques nowadays, but the success of those ways will be determined by the goals and nature of the brand. In the case of education, the five tips above are most effective ways of boosting an academic institution’s online presence and performance. 

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