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How to translate WooCommerce sites and expand your market (4)

How to translate WooCommerce sites with Quicksilver Translate and WPML, Part Four

This is a part four of a five-part guide which will help you translate WooCommerce sites, with Quicksilver Translate and WPML, in a few simple steps.

WordPress continues to a be a favourite host for many small businesses. WPML’s new plug‑in provides convenient, easily accessible translation solutions. WPML allows users to create powerful multilingual websites that are SEO friendly, easy to manage, and secure. You don’t need to hire skilled web developers or spend a huge amount of time and money. Over 800,000 websites are already using the WPML plugin, which supports over 40 languages. It is compatible with all the popular WordPress themes and plugins.

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Translating bookable products

The bookable products are a custom type of products. You can add bookable products with the WooCommerce Bookings extension.

The additional elements you can translate in the bookable products, compared to regular products, are the Person types (name and description) and the Resources names.

Translate your bookable products by sending them for translation as a regular post. When the translation is complete, the translated person types and resources are automatically attached to the translated bookable product.

Translating product tabs

WooCommerce Tab Manager is another popular WooCommerce extension that includes translatable elements.

To translate the default tabs or global tabs, simply send the product for translation. Fields related to a product tab are automatically added to the translation package. When the translation is complete, the translated tab information is also automatically added to the translated products.

Translating product bundles

The product bundles are yet another type of custom products in WooCommerce. You use the WooCommerce Product Bundles extension to create them.

Product bundles are essentially a group of products visitors can purchase together. You can customize these bundles adding a title and a description.

When you send a bundled product for translation, it also includes the bundle meta-information (such as the title and the description). 

When the translation for the product bundle is ready, translated product bundles are created with the translated titles and descriptions (in the corresponding languages). Also, in the translated product bundles, the included products are automatically replaced with the corresponding product translations.

To send product bundles for translation, simply add the products to the translation basket like any other products or posts.

If the products included in the bundle already have already been translated, these translations are used to create the translated product bundle. In addition to the translated title and description for each product included in the bundle, the translated product bundle includes the corresponding translated products.

Part five of this guide will follow on Wednesday 8th April.

Translate your WooCommerce site – Go multilingual and expand your market!

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