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What is Added Value in Translation?

Adding Value for Customers

The key to added value in translation is recognising that the initial translation is only a stage in the overall documentation process. Is this process over when you receive a particular translation back from your language service provider (LSP)? No, it probably started before this particular job and will continue for the foreseeable future. You will probably need more translations in the future, and you should not be managing them as separate entities, but rather as a process over time.

These are some areas where you should be asking for added value in translation, and examples of how language suppliers can help in each one.

1. Added Value: Quality

The concept of “quality” includes many areas: linguistic excellence, accuracy, tone, register and appropriateness, for example. But also, managing expectations, ensuring the right terminology is used, consistently meeting agreed standards and deadlines, as well as creating customer-specific processes.

2. Added Value: Industry Knowledge

Does your LSP have a large team of experienced, specialised translators? The more your language partner knows about your industry, the better it is for you. Someone who knows your company’s terminology and understands what they are translating, adds a great deal more value than a translator who isn’t specialised in your field.

Our team includes translators, linguists and experts with wide experience in various industries.

3. Added Value: Process and methodology

Consistency with past translations

Does your LSP use Computer Aided Translation software (CAT tools)? The use of CAT tools – Translation Memory and Glossaries – enables consistency across all the translation undertaken for a particular client. That is to say, regardless of which translator worked on a given text, the translation will be consistent. To this end, we build a specific TM for each client.

CAT tools ensure that our stringent quality control measures are kept throughout the process (glossary creation, translation, revision and DTP). We apply linguistic consistency over time, across functional areas, across business units, and across multiple formats.

As a further added value, all these stages are managed by the project manager, who is tasked with overseeing the entire translation operation, step by step, keeping the company informed of every detail.


Does your supplier offer any number of languages in parallel? Can they assist you with your internal processes?

Speed and timeliness

Can your supplier handle large volumes in a short period of time? Can they deliver on time every time? What if they fall ill? Or worse, what if they stop answering your e-mails (and phone calls) just before your deadline?

Linguistic support

Will your language supplier expand on why they translated a sentence in a particular way? The best way to manage the internal review process is to make sure your LSP is only a phone call away — and that you can rely on them to pick up.


Can your supplier translate Powerpoint files? Can they manage multilingual catalogues in InDesign, QuarkXpress or any other format? Will they just translate your document and let you do the rest? Or will they adjust the layout appropriately, so that you don’t have to spend time fixing the text boxes which are too small?

Our state-of-the-art software enables us to handle the entire process of translation, from the first draft onwards. Furthermore, we are able to respond to your desktop publishing needs, ensuring that the translation will arrive in your inbox ready to print.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, the best supplier is the one you trust. However, in translation, as in most other services, trust only comes with time.

At Quicksilver we make every effort to understand and meet our clients’ preferences, objectives and needs, in order to develop and sustain a close, long-term relationship. Direct collaboration with clients, partners and distributors is a cornerstone of Quicksilver’s project management philosophy.

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