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WordPress and WPML: how to obtain word counts

WordPress and WPML: how to obtain a site word count

Obtaining a word count for an entire website is the first step towards calculating the cost of your web translation project

With our service, all you need to do is follow three easy steps:

  2. Go to the bottom of section 1 (“Select items for translation”)
  3. Click on the “Word count for the entire sitelink (see screenshot).
WPML how to obtain wordcounts

WPML will produce the following sort of analysis

WPML wordcount estimate

Benefits of working with WordPress and WPML through QuickSilver

  • Discounts on repeated segments – click here for a detailed explanation
  • Use of technical glossaries
  • Peace of mind – knowing that someone is available to handle all technical support, as well as provide great translations. Basic and advanced technical and linguistic support options are available.
  • Build any sort of multilingual website on WordPress without having to worry about translation (corporate sites, e-commerce sites, brochures, catalogues, etc.), listing sites, etc.
  • Nearly 20 years’ experience translating business documentation and websites for multinationals around the world.

Getting started and Training

Never used WPML before? Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the entire process using either

  • an introductory, WPML Online Training session (€50) for complete newbies! or 
  • the Getting Started guide , which explains how to use our WPML translation services, and a step-by-step guide to connect with QuickSilver Translate

WordPress and WPML for new customers — click here to find more information.

Not using WordPress? Or not sure if WPML will work for you? No problem! We offer a number of web translation options.

Take a look at our Translation Proxy service!

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