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Links and Blog Placements

Thank you for your message and expression of interest in our blog.

Please find below our prices and conditions for placement of links/articles in our blog:

Standard Costs

Cost of submitting an exclusive, complete article (no other links, ever): $250 (USD)
Cost of submitting a complete article: $100 (USD)
Cost of placing a link in an existing article: $80 (USD)
(Costs may change at any time).

* Volume discounts available from 10 articles/links (100% payable upfront).
** Adult content not accepted. Gambling-related content accepted but costs will be doubled.

Standard Conditions

  1. Posts will not contain any disclaimer like – “this is a guest post”, “sponsored post”, paid article or similar.
  2. Posts will not include an author bio. The author will always be Stephen Whiteley.
  3. The link will be dofollow (ie: not modified with the rel=nofollow attribute), and not be closed from Google search engine in any way (by closing at robots. txt or meta tag “noindex” and etc.).
  4. The article will be visible by entering the exact URL of the article into search engine.
  5. We reserve the right to include other links from other companies, both from the same and from different industries. Exclusivity (not adding any other links to an article), however, is possible but will result in higher costs (see costs above).
  6. Although we will always do our best, we do not guarantee SEO or READABILITY scoring, as defined by the Yoast plugin in WordPress. If required, supply an SEO “key phrase” which should be included in the post copy (we recommended 2-4 times, including in the first paragraph); and/or an image (1200 x 552 pixels) for the cover image.
  7. commits to not removing any links or sponsored articles within the twelve months following the payment (unless the customer requests it).

Payment Conditions

All payments will be in advance, via Paypal or by credit card via

By paying the invoice from, you accept all terms and conditions.  

We send invoices following Spain’s tax authorities’ indications. In order to comply with these, we need:

  • full company name (or individual)
  • country of fiscal (tax) residence
  • some sort of tax id (registration number, etc)

Do get back to me if you´re interested.

Best regards / Un saludo / Salutacions 🙂

Stephen Whiteley

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