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Can we translate directly from a PDF?

Can we translate directly from a PDF?

We can, of course, deliver your translations in whichever format you need. Mostly we deliver screen- or press-ready PDFs. PDFs allow us (and our clients) to send files which can’t be (easily) edited by a third party. But can we translate from a PDF? Well… yes and no!

Since PDF files are not editable, sending us a PDF to translate makes the process a little longer and more expensive than it needs to be. If you send us the original files (typically Word, Powerpoint, or InDesign) from the beginning, it is extremely helpful. As we can simply export the text and import it straight into our system, saving time and reducing costs, as well as avoiding mistakes.

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Delivery options

These are the possible delivery formats:

  • In a Word file for you to do the layout work
  • In a bilingual (two-column) .rtf file so you can review and edit the translations. Then we can update the Translation Memories (TMs) we maintain for you, and send you an updated Word file.
  • Recreated in InDesign with no DTP adjustment (in case you want to do it)
  • Recreated in InDesign with the layout and spacing adjusted to accommodate the new language.
  • PDFs ready for digital deployment, or for print.

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Upgrade to InDesign

FYI, we can also recreate a file InDesign from your PDF. This a good option, as you will then have an editable file when you need to update it, or create another language version.

Upgrade to a multilingual file

Finally, we can create Multilingual PDFs of the final document — ie. all the language versions in a single file, with buttons to select the language you prefer. For an explanation of this product, please see our demo here: View Video

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