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How to recognize a good translator

There are certain signs that indicate that you have found a good translator. Before you actually hire a translator, it is important to look for signs that indicate you have found the right translator. No matter what kind of translation work you are looking for, it is important to learn how to recognize a good translator.


Competitive prices

The first indicator that shows you have found a good translator is when his or her prices are competitive. Generally, high prices indicate good translation abilities. Professional translators need to charge a bit more because they have taxes to pay and they also need to earn enough to make a living. If you come across a translator who is charging a low amount for her services, then you should think twice before hiring such a translator. The same holds true when the prices charged are very high. A good translator is one who has spent many years learning how to translate and will not be willing to take on translation work that does not pay well.


No automatic translation

A second sign that indicates you have found a good translator is when he or she guarantees not to use automatic translation tools or machines. Generally, automatic translations are poor and so if you come across a translator who says he or she is going to use automatic translation machines, you should not deal with such a translator. In fact, you should only deal with one who translates the matter on their own and who charges the right amount for their services.


Double-checks work

A third sign of a good translator is when he or she double-checks his or her work. They will verify all paragraphs and ensure that everything has been done right. Of course, it is human for translators to make mistakes, but a good translator is one that double checks their work to ensure everything has been done correctly.


Can challenge difficult words and sentences

A good translator is also someone who knows how to translate words and sentences that are challenging to translate. Such translators only accept work that they are confident of doing. They are also people who specialize in certain subjects and will therefore only accept work that pertains to their area of specialization.


Look at agencies

When the time comes to pick a good translator, don’t make the common mistake of looking only for freelancers. Agencies provide high quality translators, as they have done the evaluation and selection for you. A good translator will normally have passed selection tests. Agencies combine the work of freelancers and in-house staff in a way which combines topnotch services and competitive pricing.


The bottom line is that a good translator is one who provides correct and accurate translations. They do not use bad grammar and nor do they mistranslate content. They are also very clear and lucid and they aim to provide natural translations that are precise and yet easy to understand. Finally, when trying to recognize a good translator, be sure to pick one who is able to translate the content in a manner that is culturally relevant to the audience who are going to use the translations. As long as translator shows such qualities you will not have any difficulty recognizing a good translator.


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