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Tricks to learn new vocabulary

When learning a new language, keep in mind that about a thousand words are enough for you to get by with your new language or write essay for me. This may not seem to be an easy thing when you take into account the number of words there are in a dictionary. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary lists over one hundred thousand words while in the Chinese language there are over three hundred thousand words to learn.


Staggering numbers

If you are a language translator or translation agency, then these numbers can boggle your mind. The thought of memorizing such a large number of words will make anyone’s head spin. The good news is there is no need to learn all these numbers to be able to communicate in an efficient manner. The simple truth is that even native speakers get by with just a fraction of the numbers mentioned above. In fact, on average a person only knows between twenty-five and thirty thousand words.


1000 lexemes

Interestingly, there are only a thousand lexemes or words or word groupings that account for eighty percent of all texts in the English language. Thus, as a translator or translation agency, you only need to be proficient in these thousand words. It can help you translate from English to another language because these lexemes work in nearly every language.


Translators and translation agencies should therefore apply the right strategy and use the proper tools to do a good work of translating texts. In fact, the right strategy and proper tools can help you learn all the required words quickly and in a much easier manner.


Narrow your options

Here is what you need to do to learn the lexemes. First of all, you need to narrow your options and you need to set the right goals. If a translator has an interest in a particular subject, then he or she should concentrate on that subject.


Commonly used words

Second, you need to identify the most commonly used words. Learning these common words will help you translate text in an efficient and accurate manner. When choosing the words, you can safely ignore academic words, technical as well as high-frequency words.


Use words

Third, you need find opportunities to use the words you have learned. This will help translators and translation agencies recognize words when they hear them or read them. It also enables them to say the words or write them without a second thought.



Fourth, it is important to use flashcards which translators can shuffle in order to learn the meaning of the words, especially those in a foreign language. Fifth, translators and translation agencies should try to learn new words in their true context. You can do this by reading or listening as it allows you to become familiar with unfamiliar words. Be sure to use books, online videos, TV shows and audiobooks.

Finally, it is important to learn in context as it is easier than using flashcards though it is also slower. This way of learning new vocabulary is very effective as you will learn a lot.


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