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Five thrillers to read this summer

There is no better way to spend the long summer days than to curl up on the window sofa, with a glass of lemonade and a good thriller in one’s hands. All book lovers know the joy of being recommended good books by friends, so here I’ve done the same for you. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite suspense novels of this year so far, for you to read and fall in love with.


Origin was one of the most awaited books of 2018, by world-famous writer Dan Brown. It is the fifth book in his Robert Langdon Series. This book follows the same pattern as his other books. Through the character of Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor, symbolist and globe-trotter, and his adventures in uncovering mysteries, Brown reveals to us shocking truths and ideas about history, religions, science, dogmas, and cults.

In his most controversial book Origin, he answers the two most important questions; where do we come from? And where are we going? And of course, the endless debate of religion versus science.

Note: Dan Brown’s books always contain words and phrases for foreign language. If you want to get maximum benefit from his books, keep a dictionary nearby for translation, or you could get a translator to do the same for you.

The Woman in the Window

New York Times best-seller, The Woman in the Window, written by A.J Finn was one of the most awaited thrillers of 2018. The writer of the bestseller, The Girl on the Train, A.J Finn knows how to pen psychological thrillers.

The story is based on Anna Fox, a child psychologist, who herself is a victim of childhood trauma. One day, a family moves across from her house, and due to her loneliness, she spies on them with a camera. One day, she witnesses a terrible crime occurs from their window. However, she can’t prove it to the police, because of her mental disorder and reliance on pills is well known. The story is about her struggle, emotional and psychological rollercoaster, as she tries to the right a terrible wrong.

The Girl on the Train

Also by A. J Finn, if you loved The Woman in the Window, you’ll love this one too.

The Wife Between Us

This book is guaranteed to keep you sucked until the very last sentence. The novel by Sarah Pekkanen is full of so many twists and turns; it’ll keep you guessing till the last moment. It is based on the drama between a man, his ex-wife and new fiancé, but told through the perspective of the two women.

Another great book is The President is missing by James Patterson

A Quick Tip

If you’re learning a foreign language or would like to, then there’s no better way than to do so by reading a translated book. These books are written in two languages; on the second leaf, there will be the translation of the same page in the second language. Many such books are available for second language learners. However, if you would like to get a translation of a particular book, you can get a translation done by a translation agency. You can also contact private translators to do it for you.


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