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The importance of good translations in the hotel industry

The last four decades have seen a boom in the hotel and tourism industry. Ever since flying became a better alternative to traveling by train or ship, the tourism sector has grown exponentially. This is proved by the fact that, in the past few decades, several big names have risen in the industry and, as of yet, no saturation point seems near.

The accessibility of long-distance travel gave those with the resources a morale boost to travel more frequently to far and distant places. However, language often occurs to be a limiting factor when people decide to travel somewhere far from home, but globalization has proved otherwise. Here, let us consider the benefits and reasons for having a good translation/cross-language service in the hotel sector!


Hotels often serve as a hub for certain nationalities

When traveling abroad, certain people have a particular destination in mind. By this, they also have a hotel that they prefer to stay in. For example, the Ritz is a famous destination for a lot of Middle Eastern tourist due to its affiliation with Egyptian philanthropist Mr. Fayed. In this case, the need arises to have a good translator on hand that is better equipped to assist the guests.


Customer satisfaction

Often when traveling, tourists are likely to get frustrated when exploring places they have never been to before. This can be credit mostly to the language barrier that exists between them and the general populace of their vacation spot. A hotel should hence be able to accommodate them in case of any ambiguity or assistance that arises due to the aforementioned barriers. An external translator agency can often get too picky when negotiating for a price, hence if you want to leave your customer satisfied and ensure that they come back again, have translators on hand that can be of use!


Advertisements online

An important service several translator agencies provide is to assist companies and multi-nationals in translating their websites in several different languages so that they may be readily accessible for a bigger audience. The chances are that for people who are coming from far off, the website is the only access they have of the hotel’s service. The website functions as a global service, and if it is inaccessible, the chances are that fewer people will be interested in it. This is the only selling point they have which is why it is of utmost importance to invest in a good agency and have your website translated!


What languages to consider when translating and hiring translators?

Languages that have the widest audience are those that are generally preferred in this case. The languages are most spoken worldwide (in no particular order) are English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Hindi. However, this does not mean that there should be separate individuals for all of them.  Try to keep your focus on the big three, which are English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


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