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Top Films to see at Christmas

It’s that time of the year again folks!

The streets are lined with Christmas decorations, the houses are draped with twinkling lights, and the relatives are coming to visit. Gifts and greetings are exchanged, and the air is filled with melodious carols. What better way to spend the holiday season than by snuggling on a couch with your loved ones, and watching a film just right for Christmas? These films are so popular and so “Christmas-y,” that you’re going to enjoy them, even if you don’t understand the language they were filmed in! Thank goodness for all the translators and translation agencies who prepare the subtitles! (You’re welcome 🙂


It’s a Wonderful Life

Yes, yes, the classic Christmas story to define all Christmas stories. This film is truly a heartwarming spectacle. It strives to shine a light in even the darkest hours. Our protagonist is a man who believes himself to be an utter failure. After reaching what he considers to be rock-bottom, he wishes that he had never been born. Cue an emotional rollercoaster that not only highlights how much your life means to those around you (without you ever realising it). But also, how much you have to be thankful for, even when things look bleak. It’s a Wonderful Life not only encompasses everything that is Christmas, but also, everything it can can teach you.


A Christmas Carol (literally any good version)

This classic Charles Dickens novella has come a long way over the years, and has had many film iterations in the past. And barring a very, very, select few, almost all of them managed to capture the charm, heart, and message of the original story. Pick up any good version, and you’re bound to have a good time. You could go with the classic from 1951, the über-cute Disney version, or fun spinoffs like those with the Muppets. All versions of this story are especially popular with children… but we like the muppets!

There’s even some fairly recent reboots, like “The Man who invented Christmas”. Check it out!


Home Alone

How can you pass up a flick like Home Alone at Christmas? This film has bucket loads of Christmas spirit! Granted, the main genre is slapstick comedy (good slapstick, mind you). Yet, the way the story intertwines Christmas elements, always with humor, is adorable. In some scenes the ‘Christmas love’ is put front and center, and yet it still remains a festive, comedy masterstroke.

Christmas spirit, real emotions, family bonds, exceptional performances… All wrapped in a bundle of thoroughly enjoyable comedy. You’ve got yourself a winner!


Die Hard

Now, hear me out! As far as the plot of Die Hard goes, the most it has to do with Christmas is the date. Honestly, they could have changed the date and it would bring no change to the overall plot, whatsoever. Why then, is Die Hard such a great Christmas film? Well, it is about bringing a family together for Christmas. It’s also about love and helping others (in a way!) But mostly it’s a Christmas film because the fan base (and a HUGE fan base at that) believes it to be! Also, amidst all the festive offerings, it’s great to have at least one unsentimental film to cleanse your viewing palate! Let’s not forget how spectacularly epic the action is! Suffice to say, Die Hard is “the right movie in the wrong place, at the wrong time!”


A Christmas Story

Want a realistic but heartwarming tale about Christmas, told through the eyes of a child? You can’t go wrong with A Christmas Story. The tale follows a young boy around Christmas time, his problems, wishes, expectations and what he does about them. What’s really stellar about this movie is how each character is truly realistic and believable, and how the Christmas spirit does truly shine through to the end.

Trust us; if you’re looking for A Christmas story that has it all, you need to watch this one!

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