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Keywords for Snowboarding!


Playing in the snow is always a great thing to do! Either with it or on it… you can throw snow balls, make snow slides, and not least, build a snowman. But of all the activities we can do in the snow, snowboarding is the best!


Snowboarding vs. Skiing

Skiing is a traditional activity originating almost five millennia ago, with beginnings in Scandinavia. It is the art of descending a snow-covered slope, at speed, with skis strapped to your feet. Usually skiers use a pole to help them balance.

Snowboarding is the same but you descend standing on a single snowboard, with both feet strapped in. Modern snowboarding began in 1965 when Sherman Poppen, an engineer in Muskegon, Michigan, invented a toy for his daughters by fastening two skis together and attaching a rope to one end so he would have some control as they stood on the board and glided downhill.


Keywords and terminology

While it’s fun to do, if you are not aware of the lingo you could end up feeling properly embarrassed in front of the cool kids! Hoopy froods should endeavour to learn the terms, if not all, at least the important or frequently used terms.

Point of interest: Translators often put keywords or terms into a Glossary. These keywords or terms can then be checked and confirmed by appropriate authorities, and used by multiple translators, for translations into multiple languages. This is how translation agencies ensure consistency, both for technical information and also for Brand messaging across regions.


Keywords for Snowboarding

Here are some commonly used keywords for snowboarding:

Switch: when used in skiing, this term means skiing backwards. While when used in snowboarding, it means you ride with your opposite foot forward. 

Gnarly: this term is used for something extreme, dangerous or perfect. Of course, it can also be the combination of all of the above – doing an extremely dangerous trick perfectly.

 Steezy: this term describes performing something with ease. If a trick is done smoothly, in a cool way, without any difficulty, the rider is described as steezy.

Whiteout: when falling snow or clouds merge into the white snow on the mountain, the conditions are severe, and it is impossible to see. It is used in the same way as blackout, when there’s total darkness.

Tracked out: when there is no fresh snow available. Every track has been used. With roads we would say, all worn-out. 

Stomp: to perform a trick perfectly. 

Park Rat: A skier or snowboarder who is always practicing in a snow park. He/she stands out and is easily identified. 

Ripper: A very well-experienced skier or snowboarder who knows their stuff. They have total control over whatever they’re doing on the mountain. 

Magic Carpet: is a conveyer belt style surface lift, that is used to help beginners move up on slopes.

Death cookies: are cookie-sized chunks of snow or ice. If a skier or snowboarder hit these chunks, it is a dangerous moment!


Enjoy the snow this winter! And stay steezy!

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