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Is Spanish the most beautiful language?


Speakers of French, Italian and Portuguese probably won´t agree, but Spanish seems to many to be the language of love itself. If you have had the privilege to listen to a Spanish speaker (or if you are one yourself), you might find yourself falling in love already.

With the language, I mean. Well, I won’t blame you if you suddenly discover you have feelings for the speaker too… 🙂

So, what makes Spanish so beautiful?

Amazing Diphthongs

The Spanish language has made a habit of using diphthongs almost all them time. This adds an extra level of detailing to the spoken part of the language, and makes it even more scintillating to the ear.

When you hear things like Puerto instead of Porto, rueda in the place of roda or cierto when certo could have sufficed, you will appreciate whoever thought about expanding the sounds.

Beautiful intonations

Another thing that makes the language so beautiful is the rise and fall in intonation as it is spoken.

Rarely is Spanish spoken monotonously, which helps to add a great deal of fun to the speech. It is almost like you cannot get angry in Spanish, and almost every word that comes out of your mouth is sexy.


We are not here to bash any language (read: the English language), but we would love it if our pronouns could be more personal and intimate too.

There is a manner of speaking Spanish and addressing the listener that just makes them feel like they are a part of you. In essence, your speech leaves the realm of you just trying to address the other person to you referring to them as a very much-loved entity in the middle of your speech.

Need we say more about how this can make you love the speaker more?

The Consonant-Vowel Combo

For those who are not familiar with the language, Spanish carries an amazing combination of clear vowels and light consonants. That is not so big a deal, right? Wrong!

This sort of alphabetical genius makes it possible to glide from one sound to the other, almost without effort. What that gives you is a certain grace when speaking.

To spice things up, native Spanish speakers have mastered the art of moving their bodies to the sounds they are making. Believe us when we say that just makes the language even more relatable and beautiful.

In short, you would be making a great choice in learning the language. Likewise, translating text or other material into Spanish should be done so gracefully that you don’t lose the element of the language while making such transitions.

That is why you would be better off with a translation agency who know their stuff in such regions

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