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What is a certified translation?

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What is a certified translation?

Not all translations are born equal, and the same can be said for certified translations.

Unlike any other form of translation, these are done by the very best translators in an agency. Furthermore, they can be accompanied by a certificate from the agency. This certificate guarantess the accuracy of the translation at hand.


When do I need a certified translation?

Most people do not know when to go with ordinary translation services or a certified translation. If that is your case, here are some hints:


1 Immigration

When moving to a country with a different official language to yours, a certified translation will make things much easier. It becomes even more important if you have to apply for residency. In this case, you will probably need to submit your documents in the official language of said country.

In such cases, you want the country’s officials to know that your documents are  accurate and genuine. This is particularly important if they are not looking at an original but a translation. After all, your documents hold the key to your processing.


2 College applications

Here, all of your transcripts, admission letters and such other important documents will require translation to the desired country’s official language.

In some instances, though, you get to apply with your documents without translating them. Note that this is only possible when the target schools have stated their tolerance for such, lest your application get discarded for lack of compliance.


3 Business documentation

We have always said it right here at QuickSilver Translate that business translations are very important when you are going international with your business.

By ‘going international,’ that might simply mean that you are dealing with new corporate entities abroad, or looking to expand into an overseas market. No matter which it is, quality translations will do you better than not having one.

For one, that ensures you get to communicate with the local audience in their language, helping to drive your brand appeal and campaigns home. On the other hand, it makes it possible for local members of staff to get on board with company practices via brochures, bye-laws and such other documents which must have been translated.

Furthermore, certified translations become necessary when dealing with other businesses abroad. Examples of such documents are contracts, financial reports and patent filings.


4 Legal translation

Cases in the court of law are as sensitive as can be, and so should legal translations. The smallest detail should not be left out, either in context or in point. That makes it necessary to not only have the top translators in the industry handle such services, but also put their backing to the translation being as accurate to the context of the original document as possible.


Get your certified translation today

Do you need a certified translation at the best prices? Our team of seasoned translators here at QuickSilver Translate have an extensive body of experience with legal, academic, business, personal certified translations.

Reach out to us today for a quote, and let the professionals take the work off your hands.

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