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How to translate a web page in Firefox

How to translate a page in Firefox

Sometimes, when you are browsing the internet for important information, or for fun, you may end up on a website that is in a different language. Now, a website that caters to a global audience will be localized and support multiple languages. So, you can just click a button or flag icon to translate the entire website and view the content in your preferred language. However, some websites may not be optimized properly or support the option of multiple languages. In this case, you will need to translate a web page in Firefox.

In such cases, you have to manually translate the content of the website. Translating entire webpages is not difficult if you are using the Google Chrome browser. The popular browser by Google has a built-in translation feature. But what if you are used to browsing in another popular browser, like Mozilla Firefox? Well, it is possible to use the translate feature to translate a web page in Firefox as well.


Translating web pages and text in Firefox with translation extension

Mozilla Firefox has no in-built translation tool present in it like in Google Chrome. However, it supports a lot of translation extensions that can help you to achieve the same purpose. Two of the most popular and recommended translation extensions in Firefox are ‘Google Translator for Firefox’ and ‘To Google Translate’. Google Translate powers both of these translation extensions.

You can download any of these two translation extensions and then install it to translate webpages or text in Firefox. After installing any of these extensions, a new context menu item will be created inside the Firefox menu. If you don’t like the interface or performance of these extensions, you may choose to install another translation extension by visiting the Firefox Add-Ons page and conducting a quick search on the ‘Find add-ons’ search bar. 


Translating web pages in Firefox using the ‘Google Translator for Firefox’ extension

After you download this extension, you will notice that a Red T icon has appeared on the Firefox toolbar. To translate using this tool, simply select the portion of text or paragraph that you want to translate and click the Red T icon. Alternatively, you can also right-click and then select the “Translate this text with Google Translate” option. The translation process will begin and the Red T will turn Green T. 

Once the translation process ends, the Green T icon will revert back to the Red T icon and the selected text will be replaced by the translated text. If you need to translate the whole web page, you can click on the Red T icon and select the ‘Translate the full page’ option. The tool will automatically detect the source language and you can specify the translation language in the options. 


Translating web pages in Firefox using the ‘To Google Translate’ extension

After you download this extension, you will notice that a new option – ‘To Google Translate’ – has appeared in the context menu. To translate any portion of text or paragraph, simply click on this option and then select the ‘Translate’ option to send it to Google Translate. Alternatively, you can also choose the ‘Listen’ option to send the text to Google TTS to listen to the pronunciation of the words.

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