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Reducing the Hassle of Translation!

How to reduce the hassle of translation

Multilingual documentation can be a problem. A problem which can distract us from the real issues, such as running the company! So how can we reduce, or remove, the hassle of translation?

Our streamlined, integrated processes mean that you can leave everything to us. Even if you don’t yet have the finished document ready to be translated, you can send us the draft, which we will translate and — thanks to our state-of-the-art translation software — as soon as the final version is ready we only need to make a few adjustments (new or amended text), saving you stress, time and money.

In addition, we are experienced in handling all the design work and re-adjustment associated with producing and maintaining multilingual documentation. This guarantees the quickest possible time to market for your documents.

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The translation process: Reducing the hassle of translation

Updating translations

Updating translations can be a real nightmare! But, relax… QuickSilver makes use of Computer Assisted Translation software, or CAT Tools, to streamline the translation process and ensure consistency across all the translations we undertake for you. Every time we translate a document for a particular customer, the text is entered into a Translation Memory (TM) database. We build one for every customer and after each project they get bigger, better and more efficient.

We understand that when producing a ‘new’ version of a catalogue, for example, there is often very little actual revision. Some new products might be added, others removed and some text, inevitably, will need updating. By using a TM, we are able to save you money and time by working on only what has been added or has actually been changed in your new version, rather than translating the whole thing from scratch.

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Reducing the costs

The integrated Quicksilver process reduces considerably the time involved in translation. Therefore, time-to-market is shortened considerably; and last minute changes are not a problem. In addition, our Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software enables us to pass considerable savings on to our customers.


Quicksilver Translate is a one-stop-shop language service provider. We can translate virtually any language combination, always using qualified, specialised native speakers. We offer four pricing levels, and we make recommendations to customers based on their business goals and objectives. The fact that we also integrate DTP with the translation process means that you don’t need to outsource, or pay additional design fees.

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How about your website?

Our solutions for multilingual websites are easy to use and easy to update! Whether it’s a simple WPML plug-in for your WordPress site, a Translation Proxy or a fully integrated API — we can help!

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Hassle-free translation!

Our process integrates all of the stages of translation into one streamlined workflow, saving you time, money and hassle:

  • Considerably reduced time-to-market
  • Last minute changes are never a problem
  • Adding languages is more cost-efficient 
  • Semi-automation (translation software) avoids errors 
  • Full benefits from linguistic preferences 
  • Easily make layout changes to all languages

All this means you can be assured that we will provide the best possible translation at the best possible price. In addition, our stringent review process and software guarantees quality and consistency across all the work we do for you. Contact us!

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