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  1. Sigrun
    22/05/2011 @ 18:21

    hi, good blog, and a good understand! at least one for my book marks.

  2. Rodolfo Peña
    24/05/2011 @ 06:12

    True, there’s no perfect translation, but try telling that to a PM who wants to dock you for 30% of your pay because some proofreader says his or her rendering of a translation is better than yours.

  3. John Gray
    25/05/2011 @ 09:33

    @Rodolfo: how right you are. This is partly why it is so important, as an LSP or freelance translator, to maintain a close working relationship with your client’s in-house reviewer. We have observed a curious fact: if you don’t communicate directly with the reviewer, he or she will cover any translation with red ink (reviewers don’t always appreciate the difference between ‘preference’ and ‘correctness’); however, even a quick phone call to the reviewer in question invariably reduces the number of corrections by a significant degree.

    (Mutters: I’m sure Chapman didn’t have to put up with this… )