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Urgent Translation Projects

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Over the years, we have noticed that most translation projects are urgent! Sometimes this is entirely justified, as in the case of an imminent trade fair, a client presentation, or website launch. By contrast, some deadlines are entirely unjustified — often because they have been randomly set, or because someone left it till the last minute. Either way, urgency is bad for any type of project, not least translation and documentation. If you are rushing to get something finished, the probability of less-than-optimal results — or worse, errors — will increase.

Generally speaking, the earlier in the documentation process you think about translation, the better. Typically, people think about translation only when the source language (the original document) is complete and finalised. At this point, the translation(s) are now urgent, and the possibility of streamlining to save considerable amounts of time and money is gone. This is particularly applicable in projects with non-standard formatting requirements (basically, anything other than Office); such as HTML and other web formats, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, etc.

You can make savings, and improve efficiency, by integrating translation and DTP. That is, asking your language service provider (LSP) to take care of the adjustments to layout and formatting for the documents we are translating. 

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Our service

At QuickSilver Translate, we go above and beyond the call of duty to foresee your future needs. For example, Quicksilver uses advanced translation software, known as CAT tools. If we know that you update your catalogue every quarter, we will create a project-specific process which will automatically flag the new/amended segments that need to be translated, instead of having to re-translate the entire document. This process not only saves time and money; but builds in consistency across the board and eliminates the possibility of errors.

We also offer different levels of translation quality and pricing. We offer four pricing levels, and we make recommendations to customers based on their business goals and objectives.

Finally, you can streamline the quoting, and the translation process by, first, providing us with key information, and secondly, by sending your text in an appropriate format.

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