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Translation and desktop publishing

Thinking of translation and desktop publishing (DTP) as two sides of the same coin is the most cost-effective approach to ensuring high-quality multilingual documentation. As part of our pioneering, integrated approach, QuickSilver assumes control of the actual layout of the documents at the DTP application level. We take responsibility for the layout and integrate the whole process into a workflow that reduces the translation cycle and gives our customers greater flexibility and efficiency when producing multilingual documentation.

When cutting costs and streamlining the documentation process many companies feel tempted to outsource only that which is absolutely necessary. When it comes to translating and formatting documentation this can be counter-productive, and the following considerations should be taken into account:

Copying and pasting translated text into your original layout (unless you are completely fluent in that language and are familiar with language-specific typographic rules) can create problems.

The larger your present or future documentation project, the more important it is to think of the documentation process and its potential pitfalls as a whole.

Creating and maintaining multilingual documentation is not as simple as many people think. The actual translation of the text is a significant part, but should not be treated as a sub-procedure independent of the rest of the process.

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