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The Best Christmas Markets

Christmas Day is a day that children all over the world wait for with excitement and anticipation. The festive atmosphere in the days leading up to Christmas, especially the night before, is infectious! And It’s not just the children who can’t wait to see what Santa Claus has brought for them! We all love the presents… but very few of us love the Cristmas shopping…

Christmas shopping can often end up being a mindless and joyless drag through a dreary mall or high street. However, if you have a Christmas Market nearby, it can be a lively and fun experience in a colourful environment that ultimately becomes part of your holiday!

Here are five of the best Christmas Markets around the world which you should not miss out on. Assuming that is, that you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit them!


Grand Christmas Market (Montreal, Canada)

This important market is nestled within beautiful natural scenery and consists of more than 60 wooden houses that sell everything from Christmas handicrafts to warm drinks. Furthermore, it is very kid-friendly. Children can visit the Elves’ Workshop, see Santa’s Sleigh, and even an igloo!


Piazza Santa Croce (Florence, Italy)

Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance in Europe and remains, to this day, a city of splendor. This annual market is held in the spectacular Piazza Santa Croce, overlooked by  the Franciscan Basilica – which makes for an impressive vista. Here you can do your shopping at any one of 50 stalls. 

If you want to trult emmerse yourself in festive spirit, it’s a good idea to head to the Piazza del Duomo, where the Christmas tree is lit up on the 8th of December. You are going to come across a lot of natives here, so be sure to practice your Italian before you go!


Christmas Market (Strasbourg, France)

This quaint French city is home to one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Europe. Around 2 million visiters come here every year. With around 300 stalls scattered around alluring alleyways and squares, it is easy to lose yourself entirely in the shopping experience. 

The Place Kleber is another spot that you must visit, as it hosts the spectacular Great Christmas Tree.


Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market (Berlin, Germany)

Difficult though this name may be to pronounce, the shopping experience over here is anything but. Berlin is a popular tourist destination, but this market gives one even more reasons to visit this grand old city. 

The beautiful façade of the DeutscherDom not only gives you goosebumps but also makes you feel bigger as you shop around! In the market’s large crafts tent, visitors can look wood carvers, belt makers, dressmakers, comb makers and other craftspeople over the shoulder. Not far away, talented graphic artists, photographers, stonemasons and painters display their works.


Bank of America Winter Village (New York, USA)

Rounding off this list is one of the finest open-air Christmas markets in the USA which features a total of 125 shops that peddle jewelry and handicrafts from all over the world. Plus, you get the gorgeous Josephine Shaw Lowell Fountain, which looks even more alluring when it freezes up!


Happy shopping! Hopefully Santa Claus will bring you everything you hope for… if you’ve been good!

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